The Goal

I finally pulled the trigger to go back to school (AGAIN!) to get a secondary endorsement for Reading/LA. One of the first classes I’m taking at Grand Valley State University is EDR 625, Young Adult Literature. <I know, pretty awesome, right?

As a librarian, I have a great love for all kinds of books. And in these first few weeks, I’v realized my love is all over the place! After the second night of class I realized: I’m not the greatest at Reading with Purpose. (I’ve spent the last 6 years of life just trying to hook students into reading any way I could get ’em!) So that’s my main goal of this class – Get better at Reading with (a Teaching) Purpose.

For this course, my professor wants us to create a reading focus/reading umbrella for our Literacy Plan<the main project of the course. My focus is going to be: Encouraging Empathy. I know that sounds very general, but it’s the best I can do. 🙂 I’ve never been one for sharp edged rules/restrictions. I think this focus will be enough for what I’m trying to accomplish: I want my future Reading students to connect to reading. …To let it change their views of the world (for the better, of course) and to increase their tolerance for others all over this planet.  But first, they need to consider themselves READERS. I think I can turn them into readers…But how do I keep them there? And how do I use Reading as a teaching tool? These are things I hope to find out.

Also for this course, we are required to keep a Reading Log (this ties into the Literacy Plan). We were told we could do this via powerpoint, but I just felt like a blog would be more fun and, quite possibly, something that I could then keep up. So I will archiving all my thoughts/future uses of books/book reviews on this blog. …I’ve always wanted to blog, but just couldn’t get focused. Now I have a great excuse, and some structure to get me started.

So simply, I hope to grow – and capture this growth – with this blog. Gimme luck! 🙂



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